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فیلم کره ای پیروی از قانون Going by the Book

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دانلود فیلم سینمایی پیروی از قانون

تاریخ پخش : جمعه 1 خرداد 1394 ساعت 23 از شبکه نمایش

 عنوان: پیروی از قانون / Going by the Book 

ژانر: کمدی

تاریخ انتشار: October 18, 2007 

کیفیت: dvdrip

حجم: 700mb

[عکس: 89zp5upj8rbf51b5cncf.png]


A string of bank robberies puts the public in a panic and they demand action from the newly appointed police chief to crack down on the perpetrators. In order to appease the residents of the city and carry out his own ambitions, The police chief appoints naive traffic cop Jung Do-man to infiltrate the world of the robbers. 


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